Our Future? E Readers partner with Public Library e-Services

My son (21 years old)  reads the morning newspaper on his laptop.  I have no doubt that he would embrace an electronic reader (such as a Sony reader or the Amazon Kindle) and download his textbooks, leisure reading, etc.

So we need to seriously consider the future.  For many g enerations, we have been paper-dependent.  But are we on the cusp of the paperless wave if manufacturers can create e-readers that perform as well as their paper counterparts?

Check out this article: http://www.engadget.com/2009/08/25/sony-announces-daily-edition-reader/

It states: “We’re a little more geeked about the library finder service, which enables you to check out ebooks and other digital content from your local public library on any of the Readers — for free. The New York Public Library is the flashy public launch partner, but there are “thousands more” looped in through a partnership with Overdrive.com — check out the huge selection of top-tier content you can get through the Chicago Public Library, for example.”

Our customers have embraced Library to Go.  Will e-readers, such as Sony or Kindle, that are loaded with three or four titles (selected by our skilled professional staff, of course) be our future?


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