Reading is Top Leisure Activity

Susan Yates shares this information from:

PAGE features news, research and articles of specific relevance to the media agency
and magazine publishing communities.
Volume 12, Number 4

As people’s leisure time shrinks, top activities are reading, watching TV, and spending time with family. Over the past five years, consumers report that they are spending more time reading and watching TV while time with family has stayed the same. Other leisure activities such as computer activities and various hobbies have stayed much the same. Reading continues to be a top leisure activity for consumers.

Consumers find print magazChartines to be their number one source of information for advice, lifestyle and entertainment. In addition, 65% of respondents find weekly news magazines relevant. On the flip side, 60% believe that information on blogs is not credible.

People are not abandoning print editions. Quite the opposite. There is a certain satisfaction and ease to holding printed text in your hands, something that PDAs or PCs do not replace. But for some (6.8%), online magazines are an important source. Magazines, print and online together, are major information players in the lives of consumers. Content that takes the “searching surfing” audience and turns it to a “critically thinking” audience is, and will continue to be, the essence of print.

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