Why is a Strategic Plan essential?

A strategic plan serves as the roadmap to a library’s future. 

A February 15/09 Library Journal article outlines the importance of a prioritized plan. http://www.libraryjournal.com/article/CA6637212.html

Key concepts are:

“Having a well-developed strategic plan that is a part of daily library operations. If it is not in the plan it is not done. WRL prioritizes programs and services based upon the strategic plan. This plan is evaluated and revised on a regular schedule.

Having quality staff that is service driven. It is important that this staff receives adequate training and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Having an operational climate that encourages innovation and taking responsibility. Within this operational climate there is freedom to try new programs and services (so long as they fit into our strategic plan) and an expectation that there will be failures along the way.

Having fun along the way.”  John Moorman, Director Williamsburg Regional Library, Virginia, US

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